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Computer Music and Digital Audio Series

Complete Series List

DAS1 John Strawn, ed. Digital Audio Signal Processing: An Anthology Out of print
DAS2 Curtis Roads, ed. Composers and the Computer Out of print
DAS3 John Strawn, ed. Digital Audio Engineering: An Anthology Out of print
DAS4 Deta S. Davis Computer Applications In Music: A Bibliography Out of print
DAS5 Ken C. Pohlmann The Compact Disc Handbook, 2nd ed. Available
DAS6 David Cope Computers and Musical Style Available
DAS7 Joseph Rothstein MIDI: A Comprehensive Introduction (2nd ed.) Available
DAS8  Jeff Pressing Synthesizer Performance and Real-Time Techniques Out of print
DAS9 Goffredo Haus, ed. Music Processing Out of print
DAS10 Deta Davis Computer Applications in Music: A Bibliography, Supplement 1 Out of print
DAS11  Stanley Jungleib General MIDI Out of print
DAS12 David Cope Experiments in Musical Intelligence Available
DAS13  John Schaffer and Deron McGee Knowledge-Based Programming for Music Research Available
DAS14 Alan P. Kefauver  Fundamentals of Digital Audio Out of print
DAS15 Howard Ferstler The Digital Audio Music List: A Critical Guide to Listening Out of print
DAS16 David Cope The Algorithmic Composer Available
DAS17 Alan P. Kefauver The Audio Recording Handbook Available
DAS18 Andrew Horner and Lydia Ayers Cooking with Csound
Part 1: Woodwind and Brass Recipes
DAS19 Roger Dean Hyperimprovisation: Computer-Interactive Sound Improvisation Available
DAS20 Peter Utz Introduction to Audio Production Available
DAS21 Eduardo Reck Miranda and Marcelo M. Wanderley New Digital Musical Instruments:Control and Interaction Beyond the Keyboard Available
DAS22 Alan P. Kefauver and David Patschke Fundamentals of Digital Audio, New Edition Available
DAS23 David Cope Hidden Structure: Music Analysis Using Computers Available
DAS24 Eduardo Reck Miranda A-Life for Music: Music and Computer Models of Living Systems Available
DAS25 Eric Lyon Designing Audio Objects for Max/MSP and Pd Available
DAS26 Peter Elsea The Art and Technique of Electroacoustic Music New!!!



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